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A postive and differentiating customer experience is essential to thrive. 你的gpk电子网址和成员如何看待他们在你的gpk电子网址中的经历?

Why Is Customer Experience Important For Business?

An outstanding customer experience is absolutely mission-critical. In today’s world of increasing competition and more discerning customers, the experience that a customer goes through is a game-changer. An excellent customer experience, 这让“不公平优势”成为现实,派拉蒙对一家公司的成功至关重要. 

根据调查,80%的受访gpk电子网址表示他们提供了卓越的gpk电子网址服务. In contrast, 只有8%的受访gpk电子网址认为他们得到了更好的gpk电子网址体验. 基于这种差异,很容易看出要获得稳固的gpk电子网址忠诚度是多么困难.

Regardless of whether you are in Corporate American, Higher Education or non-profit, 每一个gpk电子网址都在改进设计和提供gpk电子网址体验,从而提高和持久的品牌忠诚度.

研究表明,在gpk电子网址体验领域表现突出的gpk电子网址是那些增长最快的gpk电子网址之一, and in many areas, in a more profitable manner. Since customers are smart, 他们得到的服务质量往往比他们得到的产品更有意义. 每个gpk电子网址都需要不断追求卓越的gpk电子网址服务,以提高gpk电子网址忠诚度,并基于gpk电子网址服务指标和相关分析.

Evaluating the customer experience on a mobile app.

Why Work With Our Customer Experience Team?

转化解决方案专长于gpk电子网址体验(CX)和gpk电子网址服务改进项目. 这些活动包括检查内部和外部的gpk电子网址体验(或“旅程”)和理解“重要的时刻”.” TSI’s approach is unique since we focus on the personas, processes, technologies, roles, and other environmental dimensions, all of which will be examined in a customer-centric manner. Ultimately, gpk电子试玩的项目将改善重要的最终结果,跨越gpk电子网址满意度和保留率, service quality, and internal efficiency. Ultimately, we want to help you so that your customers become even more loyal to you, based on the experience he/she has with your organization.

transformation Solutions已经完成了数百个gpk电子网址体验项目. 这项工作已经跨越了各种各样的gpk电子试玩,以提高业务绩效, administrative, operational technology-focused areas. These areas have improved the customer experience, vendor experience, employee experience and efficiency in the following areas:

What We Do

Our Customer Experience leverage our Design Thinking, Re-engineering, Lean, Quality, and Optimization skills. 这些项目开始于集中理解gpk电子网址的声音,并明确定义关键的期望, a vision and strategic direction of the organization. 换句话说,gpk电子试玩与您一起定义您gpk电子网址的“不公平优势”。.

From there, gpk电子试玩将发展为专注于精简和简化操作的gpk电子网址体验分析. 最终结果是一系列旨在实现增长和创造价值的可交付成果.

Each engagement utilizes our proprietary tools and techniques, combined with resident insight and best practices, to quickly assess the organization’s business process performance. After the assessment, gpk电子试玩创建一个实现计划,使这些转换项目能够协助gpk电子网址的重新创建. Details of our approach are illustrated below:

Step 1 Initiate the Project (Clarify Project Objectives and Outcomes)

Step 2 Define Organizational Context

Step 3 Define Current State Processes

Step 4 Analyze Current State & Technology Gap

Step 5 Define Future State Improved Processes

Step 6 Create a Recommended Action Plan and Implement Recommendations

Our expertise, built upon our unique approach, tools, and techniques, 创建一个定制的解决方案,该方案允许将战略计划合并到gpk电子网址的结构中.

Tools We Use

gpk电子网址体验不仅仅是提供良好的gpk电子网址服务,也不仅仅是gpk电子网址购买时的体验. TSI使用各种工具和技术来理解和改进整体体验,以创建一个持久的理性, emotional, sensorial, and possibly spiritual impact on the customer.  

To achieve breakthroughs in customer service and customer loyalty, we will utilize voice of the customer analysis, by understanding the key personas that are germane to the organizations. gpk电子试玩将映射当前的gpk电子网址体验,并分析“关键时刻”,这样gpk电子试玩就可以定义一个改进的gpk电子网址体验.


  • How ETDBW (Easy to do business with), 这个过程是从gpk电子网址服务和gpk电子网址体验的角度出发的吗? 
  • How would your customers rate the experience overall?
  • What impact does this have on customer loyalty?
  • Aside from the efficiency and effectiveness aspect of the transaction, 从gpk电子网址体验的角度来看,这笔交易是否有任何情感联系,给gpk电子网址留下了更积极的记忆, neutral or negative in nature?

Finally, TSI 以gpk电子试玩通常帮助实施的具体和详细的建议来总结gpk电子试玩的gpk电子网址体验改进项目. In parallel, we define key performance indicators so we can truly, and objectively measure the customer service experience impact.

Understanding the customer journey is crucial to improve the experience.

Our Clients Results