Business Analsysis

Learn effective methods to elicit, document, and manage requirements

What is Business Analysis?

At TSI we are certain that capturing requirements does not need to be difficult. Whether the requirements are for a business process improvement or a new system, we bring techniques to your team that enables their success and helps them get it right the first time.

Subject matter experts are critical to supporting change. However, SMEs are often not trained in formal approaches for eliciting, documenting, and managing requirements. If you are unable to get requirements specified at the beginning, your organization may spend 10x or 100x its investment before you reach the end.

Business analysis requires preparation, training, and proven methods that ultimately support success. TSI will provide that support to your team. Business analysis is more than a set of downloaded templates. We bring business analysis training (aligned to the IIBA’s Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) and a collection of proven techniques for leverage by your team. We will work within your team – tailoring our approach to your needs –  to standardize scalable methods that drive consistent quality.

Business Analysis Graphic

Why Work With Us?

We have helped large and small organizations understand and improve their skills in requirements elicitation. We help organizations understand that getting it right the first time saves on change requests, defects, and improves business partner satisfaction.

Our Business Analysis services include: